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Bent Out Of Shape (Elizabeth Michel, M.D.)

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Anatomy and Alignment for Bioenergetic and other Bodywork Trainees

Elizabeth Michel, M.D. offers a unique and comprehensive resource for the study of anatomy in relation to Bioenergetic Analysis. It should prove to be a valuable reference book for anyone who works with the body.

"This book distills the ideas of Alexander Lowen, the founder of bioenergetics therapy and a student of Wilhelm Reich. It discusses Lowen's classifications of body types and the life experiences that tend to produce each type. It also covers the psychological conflicts common to people with each body type. Reading Lowen's books provides more in-depth detail, but this is a very good "Cliff Notes" type introduction to analyzing and understanding body types from a bioenergetics perspective. The book is well laid out with photos and illustrations that show the various character structures. Students of bioenergetics will find this book to be a good reference, and others will find it a good introduction to bioenergetic psychology. The author writes clearly and has an approachable style."

~Tom Schneider, FSBA Graduate

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