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Depression and the Body (Alexander Lowen, M.D.)

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The Biological Basis of Faith and Reality. This inspiring, pioneering book explores the cultural and psychological forces that contribute to depression and shows how we can overcome this condition.


Here is an eminent psychiatrist's revolutionary plan for conquering depression. The depressed person, says Dr. Alexander Lowen, is out of touch with reality-and especially with his own body. This pioneering book shows how we can overcome depression by activating dormant life forces and by training mind and body to respond as keenly as a finely tuned instrument responds to a virtuoso. Drawing on his vast experience with depressed patients, Dr. Lowen advocates a return to the body-a reestablishment of communications with our one instrument of self-expression. He goes on to outline a series of simple but remarkably effective exercises that can reawaken the depressed person to his own inherent energies and teach him how to express his love, his independence, his uniqueness, and his essential reality.