Supervision Evening for Bioenergetic Practitioners, Dates TBA

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Paul's Message About the Supervision Evening

“Hi Everyone. I’ve been thinking about starting a regular, ongoing supervision group for anyone actively working with clients. I am thinking mostly about those of you who are currently using Bioenergetics, or who are hoping to transition into using it more in your practice.

The focus will be on using the group’s wisdom and insight to break through any stuck places.

The format can be of your choosing. If you wanted to bring in a client and do a live session in front of the group, we could fit in two/group. If you prefer to present a client or two, that is also an excellent way to use the group. As this is always about personal and professional growth, plan on looking at counter transference issues as well.

The safer and trusting we all are with the group, the more productive and effective it will be for each of us. The first group will be to get a feel from all of you as to how your professional needs can best be served.”

~ Paul Cohen, LCSW

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