With My Feet On the Ground and My Eyes In the Sky, November 13-15, 2020

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This is an FSBA Zoom Workshop, all registered participants will receive an email invitation with a link to join our group before the event.

About the Workshop

In times of uncertainty we can lose the ground we step on, lose the feeling of the safe place where we stand solidly. And we can also lose confidence in our wishes, desires, dreams, and hopes. In this workshop we will explore both things from the body: our trust in reality and our hope … which we must not renounce.

About the Leader

Soledad Valenzuela, MA - FSBA is thrilled to have Sol come to Alachua to lead this event. Sol’s background includes Professor of Philosophy, Psychology Lic, Master in Clinical Psychologist (c), and Certified FSBA Bioenergetic Psychotherapist. She was one of the founders of FSBA in Chile, served as its academic director until 2016, and is now an active part of the training team. Additionally, she is a Senior Ontological Coach with Newfield Consulting. Soledad conducts an active private psychotherapy practice in Chile using bioenergetic analysis and also works as an executive coach. She is a dynamic bioenergetic trainer and leads workshops in both the United States, Chile, Brazil, and Perú. One of her current focuses is on the “good connection” between bioenergetics and mindfulness.

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