Bioenergetics Certification Program

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The yearly dues for all trainees of FSBA Training Programs are $125 (USD).

Las cuotas anuales para todos los aprendices de los programas de capacitación de FSBA son de $ 125 (USD).


Bioenergetics is a powerful body-oriented psychotherapeutic approach to understanding and resolving inner conflicts, gaining increased energy and living a fuller, more vibrant life. It was created by the late Alexander Lowen, M.D. and is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Trainees experience how psychological issues affect the body by causing muscular tensions that block energy and limit emotional expression. By working with the mind AND body, students experience how Bioenergetic therapy can produce powerful, lasting change and service of their lives and the lives of others.

The FSBA program was begun in 1979 and hundreds of people have graduated since its inception. It is independent and not affiliated with the IIBA.

Over the course of their training, students develop a deep appreciation for the unity of the mind and body, how the body develops muscular “armoring” to meet challenges in different life stages, and how that armoring can create repetitive patterns and unrealized limits in later life. Through their training, students learn techniques and processes to free their body and reclaim their life energy by understanding the relationship between psychology and physical expressions of energy such as breathing, movement, feelings and voice. Teaching methods are experiential, didactic, and individual study.

The curriculum includes:

· the history of the energetic concept,
· basic Bioenergetic principles,
· how to “read” the body to understand how different body types reveal developmental processes  in childhood and adult orientations to life
· techniques for mobilizing energy to aid self awareness, self acceptance and self expression


The FSBA training program leaders are exceptional therapists and inspiring teachers. Each faculty member has taught Bioenergetics for many years and regularly conducts international training workshops in Bioenergetics. They also offer professional presentations to colleagues, have full-time private practices and lead personal growth retreats. Several have founded Bioenergetics training institutes in their countries. Many faculty members also have extensive experience in executive coaching.


FSBA Bioenergetic Center in Alachua, Florida, U.S.A.