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Bent Out Of Shape (Elizabeth Michel, M.D.)

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Elizabeth Michel, M.D. offers a unique and comprehensive resource for the study of anatomy in relation to Bioenergetic Analysis. It should prove to be a valuable reference book for anyone who works with the body.

Table of Contents for Bent Out of Shape

Part One: A Mini-Atlas of Anatomy and Alignment

Part Two: Basic Anatomy and Alignment

    1. Introduction to Anatomy and Alignment

  •         Fluidity
  •         Energy
  •         Bones
  •         Joints
  •         Muscles
  •         Developing Your Senses
  •         Alignment

    2. The Legs and Feet

  •         Introduction
  •         The Bones of the Feet and Ankles
  •         The Bones of the Legs
  •         The Muscles of the Legs and Feet
  •         Looking at the Alignment in the Legs and Feet

    3. The Torso: Pelvis, Back, Abdomen and Chest

  •         Introduction
  •         The Pelvis
  •         Alignment of the Pelvis
  •         The Back
  •         The Abdominal Area
  •         The Chest

    4. The Arms, Shoulders, Head and Neck

  •         Introduction
  •         The Arms and Hands
  •         The Shoulder Girdle
  •         The Head and Neck

Part Three: Physical Characteristics of the Character Structures

    5. The Schizoid Body

  •         Terror: General Characteristics
  •         The Ocular Block: The Schizoid Head and Neck
  •         The Facial Mask
  •         Lack of Contact: Schizoid Eyes
  •         Schizoid Respiration: Chest and Abdomen
  •         Hung Up: Schizoid Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  •         Ramrod: The Schizoid Spine
  •         Pulling Up: The Schizoid Pelvis, Legs and Feet

    6. The Oral Body

  •         Clinging Vine: General Characteristics
  •         Head First: The Oral Head and Neck
  •         Oral Collapse: The Shoulders and Arms
  •         Oral Collapse: The Chest
  •         An Unfilled Belly: The Oral Abdomen
  •         "Spineless": The Oral Back
  •         Uncharged: The Oral Pelvis
  •         Ungrounded: The Oral's Legs and Feet

    7. The Masochistic Body

  •         Compacted: General Characteristics
  •         "Make Me!": The Masochistic Head and Neck
  •         Doubt: The Masochistic Shoulders and Arms
  •         The Broad Chest
  •         Pushing: The Masochistic Abdomen
  •         Attempting to Take a Stand: The Masochistic Spine
  •         Toilet Training: The Masochistic Pelvis
  •         Averting Collapse: Masochistic Legs and Feet

    8. The Narcissistic Body

  •         Pulling Up: General Characteristics
  •         Ego and Body: The Narcissistic Head and Neck
  •         Top-Heavy: Narcissistic Shoulders and Arms
  •         Over-Expansion: The Narcissistic Chest
  •         Constriction: The Narcissistic Spine and Abdomen
  •         Narrowing: The Narcissistic Pelvis
  •         Narcissistic Legs and Feet

    9. The Rigid Body

  •         Pulling Back: General Characteristics
  •         Pride: The Rigid Head and Neck
  •         The Pulled-Back Spine
  •         Pulling Back: Rigid Shoulders and Arms
  •         Armoring: The Rigid Chest
  •         Armoring: The Rigid Abdomen
  •         Holding Back: the Rigid Pelvis and Legs

Part Four: Experiential Exercises
    Head and Neck
    Shoulders and Chest
    Arms and Hands
    Legs and Feet