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We warmly and enthusiastically invite you to join us for this rare opportunity to come to a Bioenergetic Workshop with Len Carlino, PhD, and experience a style very similar to Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetic style. Len Carlino is widely recognized in the bioenergetic community for his profoundly effective bioenergetic techniques and his astute psychodynamic perspective. Having spent over twenty-five years personally learning from Alexander Lowen as his patient, student, and colleague, we are fortunate to have Len come to Alachua and share his mastery of a style that reflects his guidance by Alexander Lowen.  Len will be doing sessions with individuals in front of the group throughout the workshop and will teaching directly from the processes that took place during his sessions.  After each session, he will be offering comments and insights on the bioenergetic theory and techniques he utilized during the sessions. Two sessions will take place each morning and each afternoon. The with recipients of the sessions, which will be trainees and recent FSBA graduates,  have been previously been arranged.

This workshop spans the dates from January 27 to 30th, 2018.  You can register for the entire 4-days or for just 2 days (Sat & Sun or Mon & Tues). Additionally, if you register by the early bird deadline (January 1, 2018), you receive a 10% discount.  As you can see, this workshop is structured a little differently than previous workshops. Our hope is to create options to make it easier for you to attend. As always, there are free dormitory-style rooms available on a “space available” basis at the farmhouse and also at other sites

Currently, Len is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, a certified bioenergetic therapist, and an FSBA international trainer in Europe, North and South America. Len was chosen to be the keynote speaker during the 2015 Bioenergetic Conference in Essex, Massachusetts and received extraordinary reviews.