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Bioenergetics and Boosting Your Leadership Resources 2018 DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

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About the workshop:  This workshop is for anyone in the workforce and also for anyone who coaches people in the work force who are interested in exploring a new style of personal and leadership development. Using “Body Knows Methodology”, the workshop leaders have developed an amazing and powerful style of assisting others in boosting their personal resources to not only improve work performance but also access a deeper inner sense of well-being. This unique approach, which includes the body is based on the leader’s years of successfully assisting others in this arena, solid theoretical resources, and cutting edge research pertaining to what actually helps adult develop and evolve. Implications of studies in this field suggest that the most direct path to re-pattern the mind for enhance thriving might not be through the head, but through the body.

Everyone’s leadership potential includes bodily, emotional and rational intelligence. Understanding and finding a balance between these three intelligence is a springboard for development. To do so, we need to face our fears and develop a wider emotional repertoire. In BOOSTING LEADERSHIP RESOURCES we use body sensation, felt experience, and conscious emotional expression as information about one’s needs, challenges, fears, and dreams. Through this work, we unlock our strengths and passions.