The Dance of Bioenergetics and Family Constellations, May 18 - 19, 2019

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About the Workshop

“Acknowledging another possibility”

This is an active workshop – everybody is participating, whether inside the circle or on the outside. Universal themes such as our mother’s and father’s lineage, sibling relationships, impact of death and disease on our families, war and conflict, Immigration and Religion – all of it impacts us and who we are in the world.

Who are we? Where do we belong? How free are we?

In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore a theme for themselves as well as, by virtue of being “representatives” for someone else, dive deeper into our nature.

No prior “knowledge” is needed –

About the Leader

Sabine O’Laughlin M.D., Lic.AP – Sabine has been a Pathologist in Private Practice for over 30 years as well as a licensed Acupuncturist (5 Element). Originally from Hamburg, Germany, her passions and interest for “translations” of any kind led her away from Europe to the USA, from hard core science to Energy Medicine. She received her M.D./Ph.D from the University of Hamburg and London and her Pathology degree from Yale University and Mayo Clinic.

She is a graduate of the classical Acupuncture Institute in Jacksonville FL , the Family Constellation Approach (TCA) immersion program as well as the of the Florida Society of Bioenergetics (FSBA) . In 2017 she became a teacher of the Diamond Approach (Ridhwan Foundation).

Sabine loves ballroom dance and piano playing. She has two daughters (25 and 29) and lives in Jacksonville, FL.

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