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FSBA Training Program Workshop Tuition, Nov 11-14, 2021

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Tuition for the Nov 11 – 14, 2021 Bioenergetics Certification Training Workshop with John Yong is $850. Please plan to arrive at 9:00am on Thursday and the workshop will end at lunch time on Sunday.

Bioenergetics is a powerful body-oriented psychotherapeutic approach to understanding and resolving inner conflicts, gaining increased energy and living a fuller, more vibrant life. It was created by the late Alexander Lowen, M.D. and is based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Trainees experience how psychological issues affect the body by causing muscular tensions that block energy and limit emotional expression. By working with the mind AND body, students experience how Bioenergetic therapy can produce powerful, lasting change and service of their lives and the lives of others.

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