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Men's Retreat for Sages and Elders (One Day), Date TBA (Early Bird - $150 to $200)

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A Day of Depth and Contemplation


9 AM TO 9 PM



ABOUT THE WORKSHOP - We will gather for a day of truth telling, brotherhood, story, ritual, enjoyment of Life, drumming, and support, around finding meaning and sanity in the Sage and Elder stage of Life.

This workshop will offer...

Sharing of wisdom and experience
Diving deep into the mystery of acceptance and activitism
Shared search for meaning

In a place of brotherhood, acceptance, and safety.


Eric Diamond, Ph.D. - Eric is a psychotherapist with 30 years experience; graduate of the Bioenergetics Training Program; Training Leader in Bioenergetic Therapy; Founder and Director of the Gainesville Men's Center; and co-leader of the Exploring the Masculine Men's Retreats. Eric is also a husband, father, musician, and creator of "evocative, complex, and amusing" poetry which was recently published in a collection entitled Strange Frontier.

Cliff Lyda - Cliff is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church USA living in Gainesville, FL. In 2016 he retired after thirty-four years of pastoral service to devote himself to greater understanding and experience of spirituality for men across the age spectrum, especially older men facing the adjustments of retirement. He has a passion for helping men grow in their understanding of themselves and the meaning of their lives, particularly at the point of integrating experiences of success and failure, loss and grief, the evaluation of one’s life path, and the unfolding and embracing of new challenges and opportunities. While he has operated within the Christian tradition he incorporates the insights of other faith traditions as well as those which do not affirm any religious faith. Men of every background and perspective can support and uphold one another in making our lives meaningful and whole.