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Partial Scholarship "Bioenergetics Meets Men's Work"

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With Eric Diamond, PhD

Co-Lead By Alan Fischer and Eric Pleace

About the Workshop:

This men's weekend retreat will not only combine Bioenergetics and Men’s work, but will also offer high impact sessions led by Eric and the expert facilitators that are co-leading.  The intention is for each participant to have two sessions during the weekend working with inner conflicts, shadows, potentials, and archetypes. Men’s Work is built on truth-telling and brotherhood in safe settings, enhanced by the wisdom in mythic stories and energized by transformative experiences using the power of group support and challenge. Every man will have the opportunity to go deeply into what he is seeking and have support to let go of burdens and fears. Eric will also bring in expressive men’s work, including story, poetry, and drumming. Each man will have the opportunity to have focused work to meet his own needs, and the chance to give his gifts to other men.
This workshop will offer…
Bioenergetic experiences
Group activities
Expressing and releasing anger and grief
Facing fear

…in a place of brotherhood, acceptance and safety