Saturday Bioenergetic Intensive Growth Group: May 19th, Individual Sessions May 20th

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Payment Options: The total fee for this Growth Group is $200, Paul would appreciate a deposit of $100 or the full fee submitted by May 12th.
Additional Options: Paul has also graciously offered to provide additional Individual Therapy or Supervision Sessions to those that would like to participate. These will be held on Sunday, May 20th and require an additional fee of $140.
"This group is about Contactfulness. First within ourselves and then within the group. The group setting provides an artificial universe within which we can safely explore the purpose and meaning of our being in a safe and existential way with the added benefit of meaningful feedback. I will be using Bioenergy as the medium for this understanding in ourselves and others. It will be an active full on experience for all participants.The goal is to help us all be more contactful in our everyday lives with ourselves, our significant others, our extended families, our colleagues, and with each other. I will be using a variety of therapeutic techniques as is appropriate for each participant’s need in that moment. Join me for the Journey to a deeper you."
~Paul A Cohen