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The Teachings of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen (Download)

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Bioenergetics is a form of psychotherapy that works with the mind and the body to resolve emotional issues and open up the body to more pleasure and joy in life. Created by Alexander Lowen, M.D., this therapy has been helping individuals for over 50 years. In this 35 minute DVD, Eric Diamond, Ph.D., trainer for the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis Training Program and director of the Gainesville Men’s Center, discusses:

• The theories of Wilhelm Reich M.D. and Alexander Lowen M.D.

• How Alexander Lowen developed new approaches to working with the body to resolve emotional issues

• A demonstration of Bioenergetic Analysis Psychotherapy

This DVD is a valuable teaching resource for:
• Individuals wanting to explore body therapy techniques for personal growth.
• Individuals who are interested or have worked with Bioenergetics
• Practitioners of Bioenergetic Therapy